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Sittwe - Mrauk.U - Myitkyina - Putao


Sittwe is a capital city of Rakhine State stituated at south West of Myanmar at Rakhine Coast. Rakhine State is separated by the long mountain range of Rakhine Yoma from main land. Sittwe in Rakhine means ‘where the war began’. This town is an extraordinary place, a mix of Myanmar Buddhists , Muslims, Indians, Bengalis, Chinese, smiling faces, wounderfully hospitable people and fancinating culture. Total population has over 2 million in the area and majority is Rakhine. There are also Chins who live in hilly areas. Some wooden monasteries, mosques, grand houses left over from the colonial days and dominating the town. After first Anglo-Myanmnar war, this Rakhine State was annexed by the British and became part of India in 1827. Regular flights from Yangon to Sittwe takes about 30 minutes. It is also the gate way to Mauk U, an ancient city of Rakhine Kings. Myanmar travel!

Sittwe Market

Sittwe market is just near the center of the town. It’s interesting with local products and especially fish market. Every morning, many fishing boat from the sea came in to the market and sell their different kinds of sea fish. Myanmar travel!


Mrauk.U, the ancient capital of Rakhine people was founded in 1430 AD and situated about 80 km north of Sittwe on the river bank of Kissapanadi (kaladan river). It’s a fine last royal capital of Rakhine has scenic beauty and historical remains which are inextricable and remarkable. Innumberable pagodas belonging to all ages can be found throughout the city. Mrauk.U is popularly known as the ‘Land of pagodas’ and Europeans remarked as the ‘The Golden City’. The Rakhine of these days were proud of Mrauk.U. It had attained its highest prosperity for 355 years till 1785 AD. There are ruined palace walls of ancient Rakhine Kings still standing and bears witness to the fact that it was once the seat of ancient Rakhine Kings. It is also received Buddhist religion and Indianized civilization from the West. The export of elephants was most popular in the Mrauk.U period. Some Japanese samurai came to Mrauk.U in 1623 AD and served as domestic guards of Mrauk.U King. Myanmar travel.

Shitthaung Temple

Shitthaung temple is the most famous and interesting temple of Mrauk.U and showed power of Rakhine king. Shitthaung, the shrine of 8,000 images and it was built by King Min Bin in 1535. Shitthaung served as a place of refuge for the royal family and is like a fortress. No mortar was used in the construction and the bricks were fitted together like a ziz-zag puzzle, then at regular intervals held in place by stone brackets. There are two concentric passages inside, the outer one decorated with a frieze of Rakhine misicians and the inner one by scenes of 550 Buddha jataka stories. At the centre stands a 14th century Buddha image carved from a single piece of stone. The west side is the coronation and meditation hall. During World War II the Japanese used this massive pagoda as an ammunition dump. Myanmar travel!

Htukkan Thein Temple

Htukkan Thein was an ordination hall and means ‘lifting up heavy slabs of rock by using wooden levers’. There are many niches inside corridor and contain some five stone Buddhas interspersed with carvings of 64 contemporary Arakanese hairstyles. Originally these carvings were well painted and on some the longyi pattern is still discernible. Before sunset is the best time to visit this pagoda. Shafts of evening sun are channelled through the arches and illuminate the Buddha images. Myanmar travel!

Andaw Pagoda

Andaw pagoda also built by the King Min Bin to enshrin a tooth relic of the Buddha which have been obtained fron Ceylon. Andaw means the wisdom tooth of Buddha which were enshrined in the inner sanctum. The style is similar to that Shittaung and Andaw pagoda also a temple fortress and place of refuge. A square grey building surrounded by nine small stupas and Buddha images topped by a solid dome. Like architecture in Shittaung, no mortar was used and the inside plan is similar. Andaw means the wisdom tooth of Buddha which were enshrined in the inner sanctum. Myanmar travel!


The capital city and the largest town in Kachin State, the northern part of Myanmar. Kachin state has famous Myanmar jade mine in Phakant, about 148 km west of Myitkyina. As situated in mountain ranges region, the wether of Myitkyina is quiet cool and in the winter goes to frezing. From Myitkyina visitors can visit to the confluence (Myitsone) of Maikha and Malikha, the source of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Kachin State museum also interesting about Kachin traditions. From Myitkyina also tour to the biggest lake of Myanmar, Inntawgyi lake by car (about 7 hours). Myanmar travel!


Putao is the another town in Kachin State surrounded by snow peaked mountains. It is cool the whole year round and there are many varieties of citrus fruits grown in the orchards. It is the nearest town to the base camp for climbing Mt.Khakaboyarzi (5889 meters) which is the highest mountain in Myanmar and in Southeast Asia. Around Putao there are many tribe villages to visit. Mulashidi village and suspension bridge, Kaung Hmu lone pagoda and Namkam village, Machanbaw small town and suspension bridge are also interesting places to visit. Myanmar travel!