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Loikaw is the capital of Kayah State with population of about 11,000 and situated on the mountain ranges of 1200 meters elevation. The smallest capital in Myanmar and untouched destination for tourist. And the main area to see and visit the villages of Padaung Hill Tribe (Long Neck) prople. They are Kayan ethnic group.

Padaung people has been made famous by the brass neck rings. According to the legend, the origin of the practice is that the rings protected the women from tiger attacks (OR) to remind them of their ancestry to the mythical dragon. When Padaung are about 8 years old, start wearing the first neck ring. And then they put more year by year. Their shoulders were pushed down making the neck look longer. Villages around loikaw, you can visit and see real life of Padaung people in natural villages.

Loikaw market is famous place to see local products and tribe people. Taung Kwe Zedi is the most famous pagoda to visit at the center of Loikaw. Myanmar’s largest hydropower plant is located 20 km east of Loikaw at Lawpita Falls and named as Lawpita Hydropower Plant. It is the main electric power source of Myanmar. Mytical birds known as Keinnery & Keinnarar are the symbol of the Kayah State.

6 Days Yangon-Loikaw-Yangon

Day 1 Arrival Yangon

Day 2 Yangon – Loikaw – By morning flight

Day 3 Loikaw Sightseeing

Day 4 Loikaw Sightseeing

Day 5 Loikaw - Yangon – By morning flight Yangon Sightseeing

Day 6 International Departure

8 Days Yangon - Inle lake – Loikaw - Yangon

Day 1 Arrival Yangon

Day 2 Yangon – Heho - Inle Lake – By morning flight

Day 3 Inle Lake Sightseeing

Day 4 Inle Lake – Samkar Sightseeing – By boat | Phe Kone – LoiKaw –By car

Day 5 Loikaw Sightseeing

Day 6 Loikaw Sightseeing

Day 7 07 Loikaw – Yangon – By morning flight Yangon Sightseeing

Day 8 International Departure