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Natmataung - Mindat - Kanpalet - Loikaw

Chin State

Chin state is on the west of Myanmar and most of the area on mountain ranges. Also border with India and Bengladesh. One of the most primitive area with full of untouch natural beauties. The whole state is decorated with hazy thick forest, pine trees, rare orchids plants stuck on here and there, taungzalat which is reddish and yellowish chin national flowers spread around, notable for nameless birds & endemic bird of species persuade bird watching travelers. Main inhabited are different Chin tribes, Nagas, Rakhines and Myanmarns in nine Townships. Main agricultural crops are paddy, maize and millet although wheat, groundnut, chilli, cotton and sugar-cane are also grown. Apples, oranges, damsons and other garden fruits are produced in large quantities. Myanmar travel!

Natmataung National Park (Mt. Victoria)

Natmataung is located in Kanpet-let, Mindut and Matupi townships of southern Chin State. Natmataung rising to a height of 3055 meters above sea level, part of the ridges along the southern extremity of the Himalaya Range. Now Natmataung is National park and also Asian heritage park. Around Natmataung there are many small chin villages and can see "Tattoo faced "chin women and "Naga" on the native of Chin States. The National Park is believed to be one of the largest and best reserved forest type remaining with Chin States. There are some eco resort and hotels at the base of Natmataung for the visitors who loves natural flora & fauna. You can go from Bagan by jeep or better car (about 5 hours drive). Myanmar travel!

Kayah State

One of the main state in Myanmar, situated in eastern Myanmar and border with Shan state on the north, on the east with Thailand and on the south with Kayin State. The area is 11,670 km2 (4,510 sq mi). Loikaw is the capital of Kayah state and estimated population in 1998 was approximately 200,000. Like shan state neayby, Kayah state has tribes such as Shan, Intha, and Bamar live in the north and Pa-O in surrounding hills. One tribe known as Padaung, long neck people is very well known in Myanmar and also in Thailand. Kayah state also on the mountain area and weather is cool the whole year. Crops like rice, mostly irrigated, with other important crops including millet, maize, sesame, groundnut, garlic, and vegetables. Mineral products include alabaster, tin, and tungsten. Valuable woods such as teak and pine were once produced. The hydroelectric power plant at Lawpita Falls outside of Loikaw is of strategic importance, as it supplies over 20% of Myanmar's total electrical power. The state has rugged mountains, river streams, lakes and waterfalls; however, transport and communication are difficult. At present, Kayah State is open to outsiders by permit only, which can be difficult to obtain depending on the current military situation. Even with a permit, usually only a 25 km (16 mi) radius around Loikaw is allowed.